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The Path to Self-Awareness: Start Date To Be Determined

You're here because you want to figure out how to be more aware of yourself. This includes things like your thinking and your emotions.

You want to be able to get control over some of your thoughts and feelings so that you don't feel so crazy all the time.

You're curious about how I've done what I've done for myself and you want to try it too!

While it's definitely not for the faint-of-heart, I don't think it's impossible either and I'd like to show you how to do this too.

If you're interested, keep reading to find out more!

Why Work With Me?

Everything that I've written about and talked about publicly whether in a blog or a book, I learned by living my life intuitively. I learned by going through the experiences in my life and asking questions about why things were the way they were.

  • Why is this here?
  • What is this showing me?
  • What can I learn from this?
  • How is this helping me?
  • What is the meaning behind this?
  • What's mine?
  • Do I have control over this?
  • What can I do with this?
  • What is the truth behind my life as it is in this moment?

I've lived everything I talk about and now I want to share that with you in a way that supports you in moving forward and doing this for yourself. This journey isn't for the faint of heart. It's a tough road, but the clarity and confidence you'll gain from going down it make the whole thing worthwhile.

Daily Topics We'll Be Talking About!

The What and Why of Self-Awareness

There are a lot of reasons not to run entirely on auto-pilot. We'll talk about how pain sneaks into our behavior all the time.

Recognizing Past Behavior

We'll talk about what we can learn from our recent memories of times we were acting on auto-pilot. This will be helpful to you because it'll give you a new way of looking at your experiences that doesn't have you beating yourself up. You'll see how I apply my own learned clarity to every situation I come in contact with.

When Something Happens

Life will inevitably happen. One of the things we have to be able to do is catch ourselves so that we don't just react without thought. That takes some practice, but there are some tricks to help with this that I'll be sharing.

Check In Daily

There is a reason to sit down every day at some point and see how it's going. Learning to make ourselves accountable to ourselves is one way to help change or possibly fix our own behavior. This is a commitment that is so valuable to your own individual clarity over the long term. Use this program to create a new habit for yourself!

Oops! I Messed Up

Welcome to being human! It's important that we don't beat ourselves up. Learn some of the ways I've avoided taking the hammer out and beating myself with it. Also learn how to make yourself accountable by acknowledging your own behavior after the fact, without all the blame we like to project.

Keep It Going

This is the plan for after the program. How are you going to maintain this and be accountable to yourself in the future. It does take more than 7 days to form a new habit so you'll have to have a way to keep going. We'll talk about it.

The Program Format!

Formal program dates will be determined once enough people have registered.

When you sign up you'll have immediate access to Voxer and the journal. You'll be able to get to know the other people that sign up before the the program starts.

This program is run entirely in Voxer. Voxer is a free app for iPhone, Android, and desktop or laptop computer. It is meant for voice messages, however text and images are welcome.

I'll be creating a private group chat for everybody that joins the program. All the content will be in there, through voice messages. I'll be talking about these topics, asking questions and asking you to share your own experience. The more you share, the more interactive and helpful this group environment will be.

When you sign up you'll be able to download the journal for the program immediately. I've also included instructions for Voxer. No worries though! It's very straightforward!

What's In It For Me?

The path to self-awareness takes commitment and dedication. It's not easy but it is a valuable process for healing yourself.

This is a start on the path. It's the first step to understanding how to do this for yourself. The thing you're going to get from this program is a starting point in your own self-awareness journey.

We'll be talking about the nuts and bolts of how to actually do this. I'll offer you strategies to help with your thinking, deal with the emotions that come up, and make a plan and a routine for moving forward.

I'll be giving you all the tools you need to get started.

Scroll down to sign up or reach out and ask me about the program directly!

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Not Sure Yet?

It's really easy to reach out and ask questions. We can even setup a quick video chat to discuss whether this program is right for you. Fill in the form and send me a message. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can!

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